May 9th, 2005


Seattle Internation Film Festival Planning

It's time to make a list of potential siff films to see. I think I want to buy a bunch of these beforehand and then force myself to go see these movies.
I will list them by when they are playing in the festival. If other people are going to any of these, it would greatly increase the chance of my buying a ticket and going.
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Now, there is no way in the world that I can afford to see all these movies so I'm going to have to filter this list down a bit more. Of course, I'm sure I missed a bunch of important films.
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House of Wax

Paris Hilton is stereotyped. Thanks to the simple life and tabloids, we
can't look at her without seeing some stuck up rich bitch. The producers of
House of Wax know this and play with it as much as possible. Paris Hilton
isn't doing anything in this movie except for being herself and then getting
killed in a very violent (and amusing) manner.

The film itself is your standard slasher film with 20 somethings instead of
teenagers. It which works just great for me because this is exactly the
type of film that I currently have been watching a lot of. Having just
recently finished the Friday the 13th series and watching the Nightmare on
Elm Street series before that, I was in a great mindset to watch some more
mindless killing.

The pacing is a little slow in the first half of the movie, but the second
half picks up and hurries along just fine. The kills in the film are
creative and graphic and the wax museum is very creepy. If you like these
kinds of slasher flicks, I recommend checking this one out. If you would
find some twisted pleasure in watching Paris Hilton get murdered, I also
would recommend this film to you. Or at least renting it when it comes out
on DVD. Her death ranks up there with Brad Pitt getting hit by the cars in
'Meet Joe Black'.

It's fun.