May 1st, 2005


Attention Patrick, this is a PSA for you:

No one's perfect. For whatever reason, you may struggle with some of your interactions with other people, such as:

  • You're easily distracted. At times, it's hard to stay focused on the conversation.
  • Practical help often speaks louder than words. Comforting words are good, but they're often hollow if you're not willing to make sacrifices to help your partner with practical problems and burdens.
  • You're not always aware of people's hidden feelings and agendas. You know there's often a gap between what people say and what they really feel. However, you don't always pick up on these subtleties. This is partly because you try to mind your own business and not scrutinize everyone around you. You also aren't especially skilled at reading the hidden messages in people's facial expressions or posture. Like any skill, you can learn to be better at reading nonverbal communication. It often takes some training and lots of practice. First, you'd have to sell yourself on how improving this could benefit your relationships and career.
  • You can be bossy. You're probably tempted to tell your partner what to do rather than to negotiate.
  • You don't like to leave conflicts unresolved. Although there's some value to "not going to bed angry," some disagreements take time to work through. Rushing can push off real resolution.
  • You're prone to take criticism personally. You suppress it, though. Holding in emotions is not the best way to deal with your problems.
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