April 11th, 2005


(no subject)

This is Patrick's Phantom hacker reporting with the latest news in the most popularsubject of this horrifying Pat blog: his email!
Today in the inbox of the lubricated PatrOck this mysterious message was found:
"Start, dog change. Look number her. Family at well organ wash. Hill never and soil. Ice shoe only study set for. Get at body
wash. Call street, low, children. Nothing every remember matter. Usual, number quick, get snow would. Whole, mind to pick. Care
young, direct town. Period rise fire. Low cause write. Fact move why is house hundred."

You may be asking yourself as well "why is house hundred?" or, "who is this phantom hacker", but I promise that no one will ever know.
Except maybe Patrick. Who is in the kitchen right now.
_(phantom H) Hey pat is it alright If I hack your LJ?
_(Pat M) Uuuuh, it says just add margarine and butter.
_(phantom H) Both or just one?
_(Pat M)Uuuuh, it says just add margarine and butter. I don't know. What?
_(phantom H) Ok just add both.
Anyway, beware! The phantom hacker can see things, when he's wearing his glasses, and He will FIND YOU!
Until next time,
Be nice to kitties and old people.