March 17th, 2005


Happy St Patrick's Day

  • A couple days ago, I had yet another anniversary of my livejournal. I
    think I'm on year 5 now. Good lord, that's a long time to be writing boring
    crap on the internet.
  • Wednesday nights at the Baltic Room are lots of fun.
  • I've started watching the Nightmare on Elm Street series in it's
    entirety. I've seen the first two now and will be watching part three and
    four this coming weekend. I have never seen these movies before in my life
    and they are really quite good. I am impressed. Scary movies are
  • My computer is completely shot and it's officially time to start buying
    a new computer. I hate having to borrow other people's computers. It feels
    like a violation of privacy, even if I'm not actually looking at anything
    that I shouldn't be.
  • Tonight I need to party. I forgot to wear green to work! I deserve to
    be pinched.