January 31st, 2005


Best picture?

It seems to be the movie that everyone was talking about. All the critics are loving it. I was dying to see what all the fuss was about. What I found once I saw Million Dollar Baby was a slightly interesting boxing story that fizzles out in the end with a lot of reality and a couple boring subplots. I am shocked that this movie was voted best picture.

I've only seen two of the five best picture nominies for the oscars this year. Million Dollar Baby and, a couple weeks ago, Ray. I don't seem to have a very favorable opinion of either of them. The acting was good in both, but good acting is a dime a dozen and I think there was just too much lacking from both films to make them good. I want to watch Finding Neverland next, because that one seems to be getting positive opinions from some friends.

Why wasn't Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind nominated for best picture? I think that one was my favorite this year. It's definitely the one I remember most fondly.

Something worth watching: Spike and Mike's

I also saw this year's Spike and Mike's sick and twisted festival today. Although this year felt a little bit tame, it was still pretty good. I enjoyed it more than two years ago, which was the last time I saw it. I would say that the first half of the show made the admission completely worth it. The second half of the show was a bit weaker, but it didn't detract it too much.

I'm looking forward to the Animation Show, which comes up at the end of February.