December 6th, 2004


Remember that "peace bombing" that I posted about yesterday?

Bomb and violence wrecks Thai 'peace offering'.

So much for peace.

And while we are pointing out news stories, how about this one.

Government Won't Recognize Marriage After Sex Change

A Los Angeles couple is suing the federal government for refusing to recognize their marriage and denying the husband permanent residency because the wife was born a male, it was reported Monday.
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This is not a livejournal post

My passion for people sways. It's easy to claim 'I hate people!' I used to
do that all the time when I was working in retail stores. I still say that
sometimes while working at my current job, but I think it's more a matter
that I hate customers specifically. I hate answering the phone and talking
to strangers. I don't like to go up to new people and start conversations,
but somewhere deep down inside, I desire that emotional connection that
other people provide and I get depressed if I don't get it. The problem is
that most people just don't give me the human connection that I want.
I just can't win, but I don't think I really want to either.