November 27th, 2004

Napoleon Dynamite

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Tonight was fun.

I woke up today feeling a little groggy and worn out. Pho, being the answer to all of life's problems, was the solution to this grogginess. I traveled down the hill to the nearest pho restaurant with my roommate, Justin. We feasted on noodles and broth. It was glorious!

Afterwards, we headed to the liquor store where we purchased a gallon of vodka and some mixers. We came home and started drinking after that. From that point on, it was alcohol, beautiful alcohol. We still had some alcohol from the party, but apparently not enough because after the little party we had here tonight, we are even more out of alcohol then before. It was a movie watching, pizza eating, alcohol consuming, crazy time!

Tonight was much better than my thanksgiving night. Funny how it was similar (drunk, chaos, same people involved), and yet it was different (me not sad).
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Shadow the cat

My cat that lived at my parent's house died this morning. Shadow was about 14 years old. My mom just called me and let me know that she took the cat to the vet today and they said that it was time to put her down.

I need a montage of pictures and a sad song to play now.
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