November 17th, 2004


Quick notes worth sharing

Last night, I watched the season premier of The Amazing Race. I was
cheering for the girl with the nice breasts, who got first place, and I was
cheering for the two Jewish men from New York, who got last place and were
eliminated. It's a pretty entertaining show, though. I hope someone dies
during this show. Reality TV would be so much better if there were more
people dying during the making of the shows. I want my Smash TV.

I've been fairly stressed the past couple days, but I think I have things
under control. I need some sort of anti-stress activities in my life. I
wish I knew how to handle that sort of thing better.

Don't forget everyone, there is a party at my house on Saturday and all of
you are invited (unless I don't like you). I want to tear the motherfucker
roof off the sucker, so I want everyone to represent.