November 13th, 2004


nanowrimo update

I'm at work right now. Woohoo, boy ain't this shit exciting?

Just so you know, the death count in my nanowrimo novel is now 4 and a half. Characters are dropping like flies. If I'm not careful, I'll run out of characters to kill! I've noticed that killing a character is my solution to writer's block. My word count is a low for where I should be. I'm at 7,500 words. I have way too much of a social life for this contest. I'm going to try and get as far as possible. Keep my eye on the prize, etc. I'm going to share an excerpt from the story with you.
"Hey now, don't be getting hasty..." he begins to say.
"Hasty?" Annie is getting angry now. She asks again, "Hasty? Fuck you Mr. Hasty. You weren't the one that was hijacked in your friend's car while waiting at a traffic light! You weren't the one who was minding their own fucking business when some fucking dick hole comes and fucking ruins your life and kills your friends! You want hasty? I'll give you hasty." She refocused the gun, pointing it at the man's head. She breathes deeply for one second and pulls the trigger. The gun shoots and the bullet hits the man in the forehead. He collapses to the ground lifelessly. Annie closes her eyes for a moment and breathes. She thinks for a moment about how she's just killed two people and she smiles. She likes this new experience. The power behind killing amazes her and she feels a slight glow from it. She wants more. Annie feels like she needs more. She opens her eyes and looks around.

I think the story is moving along well, although there needs to be a lot of editing going on once the first draft is done. I like the dialog, though. The character Annie is turning into a killer. Maybe I should make her go one a killing spree, vigilante style!

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Thinking about how lonely the word lonely really is, what with those two Ls standing tall, seperated by so many short letters.

Sometimes I just want to give up.
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