October 28th, 2004


I'm still shy

Hayden has awesome hair.
Andrew Bird is really impressive live.
I need to learn how to talk to strangers.

I was reading 'The World According to Garp' last night and there was a part
in the book that made me physically sick. I had to put the book down and
focus on not vomiting for a little bit. I was a bit drunk while reading it,
so that might have had something to do with it. Still, I haven't been
grossed out by a book since reading Trainspotting for the first time and
there is the part towards the end of the novel where the waitress is getting
revenge on shitty customers. Sometimes, stories just get so graphic and my
imagination just starts going crazy.

Have you ever read a book that gets to a point where you have to put the
book down and take a breather? But the book is so good, that you have to
get back to the story quickly for more abuse? What was the book?