October 27th, 2004


Hayden tonight

I'm going to see Hayden at the tractor tonight. I'm really looking forward
to this show. I haven't made it to any shows in a while, and I've missed
it. Of course, I'm going to the show alone (I always go alone). Everyone I
know that likes Hayden's music doesn't live in Seattle.

I was actually a little disappointed with Hayden's new album. I was really
impressed with Skyscraper National Park as an album, but Elk-Lake Serenade
just doesn't have that same spark. There is a couple tracks on there that
are good, but for the most part, the album just feels bored. Regardless, I
saw Hayden perform once before and he's got a solid stage performance. I'm
hoping for another good show.

I'm easy to please at concerts, though (I'm easy to please in life, though).
If he plays Bad as it Seems and maybe Tree's Lounge, I'd be

Other concerts to be aware of:
Ted Leo is playing at Neumo's on Nov 9th
Sondre Lerche is playing at the end of november
Anything else? I'm not sure