September 12th, 2004



  • A new bow for my viola. The old one is broken and I have this very strong desire to pick up the viola again and become the musician that I once was. I miss creating music.
  • A kegging system for my beer brewing. Since I started brewing beer, the only thing I really hate doing is bottling. If I could skip that step, I would be so happy. The best way would be to start kegging the beer instead of bottling.
  • A dvd player. Granted I have expressed interest in selling dvds, but I'm not clearing them all out. I would like to have a dvd player and then I could actually enjoy this fine collection that I own.
  • New clothing. I have so much old clothes that are falling apart. I feel like my interests are changing and I would like more clothes that would express this change as well.

    It's a month away from my birthday.

    Being drinking now!