September 1st, 2004

Black Mage Dance

I saw Prince on Monday and Tuesday!!!

So, what's it going to be then, eh? That was the question we were all asking ourselves. Where do we go from here. Except, it wasn't really a question though.

When we last left our hero, he was living in a house in the U-District of Seattle. He had lived there for about a year and a half now, and it was becoming unconfortable. Nothing quite helps a man sleep like hearing mice crawling in the walls. So the lease came up and our hero decided that enough was enough. At the very last minute, he managed to find a house to live at. It had all the comforts that he needed: less roomates, cheaper rent, reasonable location. But would he get it?

He went out to the house and met with the roommates. They seemed like good people, like-minded people, people that I would get along with. "They are watching Adult Swim. How bad can they be?" He thinks to himself. He puts his best face forward and suceeds in winning a spot in the house. He won't be voted off the island this episode. Off to prepare for moving he goes then.

The old house is an empty sight. Everyone is gone. Everything is getting thrown away. The garage of the house is piling up outside. The things that are getting discarded, their value still realized by the various people sifting through. Much of what is found there may be found in a garage sale next weekend, put on by the people down the block. Our hero takes the last of his things in the back of his father's pickup truck and drives off.
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