July 26th, 2004



I've been writing a little bit of fiction lately. I'll share a paragraph or
two with you.

The image is still burned into his eyes. It's like when you look at the sun
and then you close your eyes. You can still see if image burned into your
retina. Except he isn't seeing the sun when he closes his eyes. He is
seeing blood.

It all started when John was walking down the street the other day. It was
innocent enough, just strolling down 34th street, just like any other day.
People walking by, cars driving, everything is normal on a day like that.
Then bam! He gets hit by a car. He didn't see it coming at all, either.
He was wearing headphones and didn't hear any of the yelling of the other
people around him. If fact, he was pretty unaware of the situation around
him until it was too late. Suddenly John is rolling up the windshield of a
navy blue 1993 toyota corolla.

I'm still working on this and I don't know if it will go anywhere, but it's
fun to dream up situations.