June 11th, 2004


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This journal entry was written before a live studio audience

I'm tired of writing the meaningless cryptic bullshit posts that I have been making recently. They are boring and dull and they have no special meaning to me or anyone else.

Yesterday was so long that it felt like two or maybe even three days. It was lots of fun, though. For the most part, I spent it with ashley as we ran around the city causing as much trouble and breaking as many laws as possible. All the while, we got to hang out with other cool livejournal celebrites! Oh the glamour and intrigue! It's hard to live this life, but someone's got to do it, right?

I'm running out of time for SIFF. I have been a very bad movie geek and I haven't made it to any SIFF films at all this year. But I was looking for a solution to this issue. Tonight, Riding Giants is playing at the Egyptian. I called the SIFF box office and was told that when the box office opened at 4, there was about 100 tickets left. I would love to go to that. Unfortunately, I am stuck on the eastside for a while still and wouldn't be able to make it over there until around when the movie is about to start. So I have my doubts that I will be able to make in, unless someone in Seattle was proactive about getting tickets for me. I doubt that will happen, so this whole paragraph is a waste.

Well, back to work. There is still some things I need to finish before I can leave.