May 23rd, 2004


confused media

Interesting. The article that I posted earlier about Moore's movie winning Cannes was from Reuters. That article had a very anti bush feel. There is a new article in Reuters that makes the whole Fahrenheit 9/11 winning cannes thing seem so much more politically motivated and negative. It's like, at first there was the liberal media that reported on it, and then several hours later from the same news organization, we get a really conservative media article. Can't the fucking make up their minds?!?!

Watched a Eddie Izzard video tonight with sammay, doyouhaveaflag and asabass. I enjoyed it. There was also some video games and such earlier in the evening. At least I did something and I didn't spend money. And now I'm at home, listening to music and drinking. I'm trying to catch up with everyone one else. I'm all alone now, all the roommates are passed out or passing out and my focus is fluctuating.

I think I should play a final fantasy game and then pass out when I'm tired.
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