May 22nd, 2004

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'Fahrenheit 9/11' Wins Palme D'Or Award at Cannes

'Fahrenheit 9/11' Wins Palme D'Or Award at Cannes

By Joelle Diderich and Paul Majendie

CANNES, France (Reuters) - U.S. director Michael Moore's critique of George W. Bush's war on terror, "Fahrenheit 9/11," won the Palme d'Or best film award at Cannes Saturday, capping a festival dominated by politics.

Asia swept three of the top prizes, reflecting its strong presence in the competition.

"What have you done? I'm completely overwhelmed by this," said an emotional Moore, who was momentarily lost for words as the crowd roared its approval.

Now, not only does it have the "too shocking for disney" hype, but it also is a good film. Oh, the article has another amusing part at the end.

Politics dominated the evening which began with unknown Belgian film-maker Jonas Giernaert expressing support for Moore's picture in an acceptance speech for a short film prize.

"If anyone is watching this from the United States, don't vote Bush," Giernaert said.

British actor Tim Roth chimed in: "I agree wholeheartedly, we should not be voting for Bush in this election."
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