May 21st, 2004



Last night, I was drinking a Whiskey and Ginger ale. I had set it down and walked away for a little bit and when I came back, there was a dead bug in my drink.

The Seattle International Film Festival is one of the best reasons to live in seattle. I never take as much advantage of it as I would like, though. My goal this year is to see at least 6 films before the festival is over. I haven't looked at the movies that are playing yet, though. I may just go to a random screening sometime this weekend. If I could get two movies a weekend, I would see plenty of films.

Speaking of movies, I saw Woody Allen's Celebrity and I loved it. Maybe it was partly because I was high, but I really enjoyed the concept of a film where everyone is a celebrity. I want my life to be more like that. More confidence is the first step.

Arnold Schwarzenegger had a funny quote in the news today:
"It reminds me of the good old days in Hollywood. Driving up to the Oscars, then going home empty handed." Hmm, maybe it was funnier in the context of the news story.

Work is slow, but I'm trying to keep busy. It took me an hour to throw this post together because of work type stuff that keeps distracting.

I need some new usericons. I need some new pictures of myself. I have no pictures of me with red hair. Hey, did you know that? I dyed my hair a while back, but I don't think I ever mentioned it. I need pictures!!!
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