May 16th, 2004


Confessions of a Film Junkie

I got to watch two amazing movies tonight. The first one was I'm not scared and the second one was Elephant.
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Ok, that's enough of silliness behind the lj-cuts. After I watched Elephant, I jumped over to one of my new favorite websites, Rotten Tomatoes. I realized that imdb is a great resource for movie stats and hype on movies, but Rotten Tomatoes is the place to read intelligent opinions on film. While I was reading the reviews of Elephant, I was totally convinced by the articles that this film was great. I was too confused by this movie to make an opinion so I had to turn to people who are smarter then me.

Ack, my back has been hurting like crazy for the past couple days. I'm a little concerned. I'm not sure what I did that has caused this.