May 9th, 2004


Don't forget that it's mother's day!

I would like to share a video with you.

German Forklift Video (18 megs). Be sure to watch the whole thing. It gets truly great at around 3 minutes.
interimlover gets some propers for this.

It should be up for a while, but I will need to watch the bandwidth and so if it gets crazy I may take it down.

While I'm linking cool videos, why not hope on over to anticon's website and pick up sole's video for salt on everything. I really like that song and the video is pretty interesting as well.

The evening was spent hanging out with Erin and her friend. I haven't gone out to any parties or bars, but since the only thing to worry about tomorrow is the mom's day dinner at night, I suppose I could go out and find some sort of trouble still.
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