April 17th, 2004


the good times are killing me

Kill Bill: The movie is great. I loved it. The first part is "more fun" to watch, but I really liked how the movie gets wrapped up. The first one had all the flash and lacked in the story, the second one plays catch up with the story, all the while still giving the goods. The interesting thing about this movie is the way it's broken into sections, even beyond the chapter break down that Tarantino does. The movie is broken down into styles, too. In vol. 1, there is the overly violent japanese style. In vol.2, he goes for the kung fu movies and spagetti westerns. Because of this, the two movies do have a bit of a different feel, all the while maintaning the feel of film as a 'tarantino' picture.

I think this movie will have to be watched as one big epic, though. It's not fair to the audience to break it into two pictures, even though it would be really long then.

I went to 4* after the movie. Got to see some friends and hang out for a little bit, but whenever I go out to a club and leave alone, i always beat myself up during the drive back because I'm too shy and passive to meet girls and try anything. I'm way too idle about things. It's the same problem I have with so many other parts of my life. I really need to address that. I'm tired of feeling hopeless and dishevelled.
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