April 6th, 2004


too much

Video games have made my two days off completely disappear! POOF! It's gone.
It's alright, because it was mostly multiplayer games and that's kinda social, right?
I did end up flaking a bit on things, though. I didn't leave the house at all on sunday. I was just uber lazy. One can only do that so much before it really starts to be too much.

Sometimes, I really just need to grab myself by the bootstraps and pull myself to things that I should be going to.
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let's all laugh at patrick's expense

On saturday night, I had just gotten home from going out to see the movie
'jersey girl', which I enjoyed, btw. I came into my bedroom and joined in
with jared in playing super smash bros melee, which I just recently got for
my gamecube. I sat down on this little wooden stool that belonged to aiden
and started to play the game. After a bit of time, one of the stools legs
broken and the chair colapsed underneath me. As I fell down, the leg that
broke came into position and ended up stabbing me in the ass. The chair's
aim was really good, too. I laid on the floor in pain for a little bit,
until jared helped me get up. I was really dizzy and went to go lay down on
my bed when jared noticed that my pants had a hole in them from the

Once the pain started to fade a little bit, I got up and went into the
bathroom and cleaned myself up. There was a bit of blood and there was
piece of wood about half an inch long stuck in my butt. I cleaned myself up
and changed my pants, but any sort of plans i had for the next day I didn't
do because my butt hurt (and it still does, but it's managable now).

Man, this chair at work is so uncomfortable and that doesn't make anything
any easier. I told the story to my coworkers and everyone has had a good
laugh. Ain't life grand?