February 17th, 2004


Leaving work now...

Last night, I got to play Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles last night with two other people. Does one gage how good a game is by how much time it sucks up without you noticing? If so, then this is a good game. It reminds me of playing Secert of Mana, except the interface and graphics have been improved. The storyline is a little lacking, though.

Tonight, I'm going over to my parent's house to visit my dad. My mom has left town for a week and he gets lonely sometimes. I still need to do my taxes, so I think those are the exciting plans, once I get out of work. Then we can have dinner and watch 24.

Speaking of 24, did you see last weeks episode? The whole computer virus plot was some of the weakest writing I have ever seen on 24. I was SO disappointed. I think that that even worse then when Teri gets anemisia in the first season. Any tv show that has to use a plot device like anemisia instantly gets points against it.