February 11th, 2004


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Went for Japanese food for xamichee's birthday. Lots of cool people were there, and then afterwords, we walked to the Deluxe next door. Drinks and pool were had and, again, it was a good time. goldfischegirl took silly pictures of me laying on a pool table. I hope to share them soon.

I'm glad I had a good time, I missed the new episode of 24 tonight and if tonight sucked, I would have been much more sad.

Some links:
Jim Davis makes a funny comic. It's been a while since he made me really giggle, although, I was watching Garfield and Friends on tv and that was a really good tv show.

Looks like Wesley Clark is dropping out of the race.

One of the saddest cases of obsessive compulsive behavior I have ever seen. via evan
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