February 8th, 2004


Internet Dating

I've been thinking about dating alot recently. Comparing it with my history and experience verse some of the examples I see in the media, as well as with friends. To be honest, it's not terribly impressive, and I seem to be regreting that right now. I've always been very shy in most social situations when I am crushing on someone, or even if I'm around a really pretty girl. It doesn't help that I'm a fairly passive and quiet person anyways, for the most part. So when I do manage to pull up the nerve to ask a girl out or maybe I catch the eye of that random girl and she asks me out, I try to at least make those first impressions good.
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I really wanted to make sure that people who answered the poll read the entry before it. It would make me happy if you did go read the entry and answer the poll, though. The more opinions and advise, the better. Pretend it's a game or something. ;)