December 16th, 2003


big fucking guns

I was trying to leave for dante's tonight at around 9:20. I was talking with my roommates Evan and Matt and then as I opened the door to leave, this cop was standing on our steps hold a big assault rifle and said, "police, go back inside". I glance at him and see the gun and quickly jump back into the house and tell my roommates. We quickly turn off all the lights and start watching out the window in the living room. There is a suburban parked in front of the neighbor's house (we like to refer to it as the crack house) and there is a cop hiding behind the car with a shotgun. There are also about 3 cops in bulletproof vests standing on their porch banging on the front door. When no one answers, they start staking out the house, wandering around it, checking out the cars that are parked there and checking out the neighborhood. We were in the house for about 40 minutes watching these cops check out the place with their big guns until finally the cops jumped into their suburban and drive off. It was that bit of excitement that made the evening interesting, for sure.

Dante's was pretty decent, too. Lots of people were there tonight, which always makes it worth it. A surprisingly large number of people were there until closing, too.

Time to sleep. I really need to visit my parent's house soon because my brother Tim is in town now and I really want to see him. I'll see if I can swing by tomorrow. The problem is that every night, there is plans, it seems. I just need to make this a priority.
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