November 26th, 2003


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I'm bored and lonely tonight.
I don't know how to solve that problem.
Typically, I just wallow around wishing that I wasn't and then I just go to bed after a while.
Or, like tonight, I go out for a walk and just wander around for a while.
But I rarely find an answer.
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    bored and lonely

Phone Post: Patrick, Jeremy and Ashley talk. Well, mostly Ash.

426K 2:03
“This is a photo-fone - a fo-fo photo fone fone. Post.

Hi everybody, this is Patrick. And I'm sitting here drinking wine with two lovely people! Here - "Word." - Hey Ashley, you're up.

"Who is it?"


"HI! I was once drinking wine with the boys, and they were all NAKED!"


"No, you're already naked, Patrick. And they were doing jumping jacks like in [some movie] with Ewan McGregor, when he's chasing that girl and his thing is like - DUDE he's like totally naked, first of all. Enormous towel? *laughs* I remember renting that movie with a friend in middle school just to see his enormous package. And his talent."

Yeah, I'm a very big fan of Ewan McGregor - "you are?" - I'm straight too - "No you're not." - AS STRAIGHT AS I'LL EVER BE.

"How straight is that, Patrick?"

It's about, three-times-straight.

"On a scale of what to what?"

A scale of ONE TO AWESOME? Right on, ok Ash, how straight are you?

"I am super great! SUPER GREAT! *giggles*" - super straight? - "I guess. but you don't have to be Super Straight to be Super Great. You can be Super Homo and still be super great. *sighs deeply* Thus concludes our Internet Livejournal Phone Be - transcription of life, if you would call us, our number is 1900-double sticks. Call us soon, bye."”

Transcribed by: herbaliser

(you hung up without pressing #. posting privately in case it was an accident.)

It posts this privately when you make a call and hang up during it.
Awesome, brad. Gold star for you!

Btw, these posts are embarassing.