November 25th, 2003

Black Mage Dance


First Real Kiss: alicat, heh, i can use a lj username for that.
First Job: I was a paperboy in my early teen years
First Screen Name: peghead - yea, don't ask
First Self Purchased Album: Duran Duran - The wedding album
First Funeral: I remember the one for this older woman that my mom was really good friends with. I can not remember her name for the life of me. :(
First Piercing: I have never got one, nor do I really want one
First True Love: Again, it was allison
First Big Trip: I think it was Disneyland when I was like 6. I can't remember anything before that.

Last Kiss: I kissed ashley on the cheek tonight. :P Nah, but the last one that meant something, it's been several months. Man, that's bumming me out.
Last Good Cry: I don't remember. I needed one on saturday, though.
Last Movie Seen: Elf. It was really goddamn funny, too.
Last Beverage Drank: I'm drinking wine right now. I drank a couple 'Patricks' at Dante's tonight, too.
Last Food Consumed: Some left over spagetti that abby gave me. I guess you could count the nachos at the bar, too.
Last Phone Call: Brendan just called me a little while ago. I also talked to Julie, who stole brendan's phone for a little bit.
Last TV Show Watched: The simpsons last night.
Last Shoes Worn: I'm sporting my New Balance sneakers today
Last CD Played: Listened to Rocky Horror Picture Show on the way to work today.
Last Disappointment: My car blowing up
Last Ice Cream Eaten: Oh, I have this box of ice cream in the freezer. It's Mud Pie, I think.
Last Shirt Worn: I'm wearing a plain tan shirt today.
Happy Tree Friends

real honest to god

This post goes out to themouse, who was flipping me shit on the phone. That's all good, though. I love it. I totally need to make my way to LA at some point in my life. Like to live there or something.

For a car update, or for those of you that don't know about it, I haven't heard any thing about my car. I don't have a lot of hope on getting it fix though. I really think that any sort of repair cost will be more then the car itself. Ideally, I would love to be able to not use any car at all. The past couple days at work, my coworkers have been suppling rides to work, which is most helpful and I am thankful for that. I have been looking at the bus routes, though. I'm expecting to be using those for a bit. I can play final fantasy tactics advance everyday to and from work! See, it's not that bad.

Oh, yiyi gave us kitties and they are SOOOOOOO CUTE!!!

It's bed time. I need to get up tomorrow because there is work, plus I need to run to the post office and see if my copy of the homestar runner cd came in yet. I can't wait for it.
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