November 10th, 2003


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I have written 4 livejournal posts throughout the day and none of them have made it to my journal. The reason is because either I changed my mind about what I posted or the web browser or the computer crashes and I lose a good post. This annoys me. It annoys me so much in fact that I don't really want to rewrite that stuff again. It's not even that I wrote very much. It just bums me out that the computer I have is a piece of shit.

But tonight was good. Went to a bar with Angie after work, where I proceeded to kick her booty at darts. The little bit of hanging at the bar with her was a much needed thing after work today. It was just kinda nuts on the phones today.

After the bar, I went to Josh's party. I arrived just in time to catch everyone jumping in the hot tub for some debauchery. I didn't partake in that, though. Instead of frolicking naked in a crazied hot tub orgy, I went inside and got food. It was for the best anyways. Apparently, only the guys got naked. The girls are a bit to modest to remove their clothes in a hot tub around a bunch of friends. They can only take off their clothes in front of strangers on the internet. :P

But seriously, it was a good time. Lots of friends were there and it was a nice time spent with everyone.
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It's november 10th already and I haven't even started my NaNoWriMo novel yet. I'm sucking even more this year then last. I just don't want to write at the computer and I haven't pulled out my notebook in several weeks. Time to change this.

It's always time for bed.
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