September 17th, 2003


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I made a couple entries on the patr0ck journal via audblog. you should check them out because it's drunk nonsense which is always worth your time!

I'm tired and need to wake up tomorrow for work.
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Just about ready to go to work. I have a bit of a hangover today, but I'm dealing.
Going to eat something here and then it's time to run.

Yay! I'm gainfully employed once again! :)
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I'm just a man faded

The first day of work, I always feel so useless. Everyone at the job tells me not to worry about it, though. The learning curve is steep and i won't really be useful for another week of watching everyone else do their job. I'll be there again tomorrow for the same shift so I'm sure I'll get used to this.

Poll #181453 a poll

I feel like I should post a poll...

Yeah, polls are always fun.
Nah, they are just a waste of time and bandwidth.
Well, I feel like you should post something interesting for a change.