September 1st, 2003


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too much alcholhol mayvbe. a fun little party where people i don't know very well were there. brenna bought me dinner, tooo which was really good. from the the new orleans dowtown. yum x2.4 for realz.

i need to go to bummershoot again tomorrow. but i don actually have to be there until 5. i would like to get there earlier so i can get a parking spot, but waking up may be a chalenge. i'd like to make it for the Carissa's Wierd's show at 12:30 because i heard that it will be the last show they ever play because they are breaking up. maybe see the United States of Electronica show too because it's before i need to be volunteering tomorrow.

oh boy, i drank a lot tonighti.
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Need to head down to bumbershoot again today. Working the infobooth one last time this year. I'll be at a different booth, i think. The one next to the monorail, I believe. I'm taking the metro down there because I'm tired of trying to find parking. I did it two days already and that's a pain in the ass enough as it is. the metro will be easy enough, since I'm not in a hurry to get down there for the volunteer shift today. I am missing some shows I wanted to go to, though. :(

Unrelated, but worth mentioning:
From RSE website
+ 09.15.2003 - SEATTLE, WA +
Address: 1426 First Ave.
(First & Pike)
State: WA
Phone: 206-628-0221

Doors: 8:00PM
Cost: $15 adv. $18 door
-> Performing: Atmosphere, Mr. Dibbs, Micranots, Brother Ali & BK One, DeeJayBird, Vitamin D and special guest OddJobs
Tickets are here

So excited for that. I'm going to buy my tickets later, though.
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