August 23rd, 2003


Idaho trip

I'm back in Seattle! yay!

The trip was pretty good. I made a couple updates over at the patr0ck journal, but I didn't have internet at all so that's why you haven't heard from me for a week. The drive out there was long, but easy. Going 12 hours in one day is truly exhausting and I don't know how people do more then that. Anyone who does is insane, I tell you. Pocatello is kinda a boring town, but at least I had tv and people to talk to and hang out with. We drank a lot and watched a lot of tv, mostly. I haven't seen so many movies in one week since I was sick and forced to stay in bed. Mostly, it was just relaxing. It was vacation and I took full advantage of it. I also helped my brother bottle some beer that he brewed (he being a hardcore home brewer type) and for helping, he gave me a six pack of it. Sweet.

Last night, I spent the night in Boise with devilboy77 where we got dinner and went back to his place where I watched even more movies. It's crazy, I'll tell you. It was good to see Tyler again, I'm glad I stopped by. I left boise this morning at about 5:30 mountain time. Getting in seattle at about noon was making quite good time, I must say.

Oh, an interesting experience yesterday. When I was driving to boise from pocatello, about 10 miles outside of boise, I got stuck in the worst driving conditions I have ever been. I've done snow and rain and fog and all of that, but as I was entering boise, there was a storm that was raining so hard and it was so foggy that I literally not see out my windshield at all. Everyone on the freeway just pulled over and waited it out. It was pretty crazy.

So I'm pretty tired now. I'm going to go get the rest of my crap out of my car and then I'm thinking I should really take a nap. But tonight I really want to go out and drink and party or something. I'm aching to see friends.
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