July 31st, 2003


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What a strange night. I'm just trying to be the most helpful that I can, the best person I know how to be. Sometimes, it feels like it isn't enough. Everything is just too goddamn complicated. My head is hurting because of it.

Often times, I wish I was smarter/better looking/more interesting/whatever. I'm not looking for sympathy here or anything. I know that these are things that people think themselves all the time. I try not to let them bog me down. I know that the better self image I have, the better off I am. Letting my self esteem drop is the last thing I need so I try to not let it happen.

Things worth mentioning

So, you may have heard of that cool idea where you call up this service and record a message and then they post a mp3 to your journal. Well, I'm thinking of giving it a try. audblog is the one that I've seen around so I gave it a try. I'm using a secondary journal, patr0ck, for the audio blog. I'm thinking that I will subscribe to the service and give it a try for a couple months to see if I really want to keep it around. It's only $9 and I think the possiblities are great for this. Tomorrow is payday so I'll dish out the money then for it. Just imagine a drunkin dante's night post or something, or how about me relating something crazy that just happened at work. Oh, it will be great. If you'd like, go ahead and add patr0ck to your friends list if you care at all.

A couple notes about work, too. First, today is my one year anniversary working at Lover's Package. It's been a interesting one year, that's for sure. I've become a lot more jaded about sexuality, I've become a lot less shy about a great many things, I think I am a stronger person because of it.
I got my work schedule for the next two weeks and I am going to be maintaining my crazy 4 store work schedule. Working just about 40 hours a week again, though. This is good.

Oh, I got my bumbershoot info on volunteering this year. I just need to figure out what days would be best to go and what times I want to be volunteering. More on that later.

Well, time for me to leave for work now.
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