July 15th, 2003


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Dante's was good times tonight. Even better news is that tonight, I scored my Tom Leykis Bite This tickets. FUCK YES! I'm totally excited for this friday when I will be at the Fenix Underground for the show. At the bar, zoothelung agreed to go with me, since I got two tickets to the event on friday. OMGOMGOMGOMG!!!!!11

Since I'm kinda drunk, after dante's I went and bought pizza, which is the magic save all for drunkiness.
I also did this fun survey that I saw from tanukisuit.
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/an ipod (or some other mp3 player)/electical tape/barbwire/plywood/a clean bedroom/more living space/more money/to spend more time with someone in particular/more creativity/more self esteem/more of that 7 upside down or whatever it's called/sleep/a playstation 2 or a gamecube/computers that work better/

when i'm ready for bed, i often switch between picking tired or sleepy for my mood here on livejournal. the difference between the two for me is that tired is more hardcore and sleepy is more cute
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Insanity Script Stats

Since posting the insanity script sunday night, it has received 22617 hits from 4235 unique users and has used about 35 megs of bandwidth. That's not too bad for being up for one day. I wish I had the post from when it first when up to compare it's use when we first posted it. I just don't want to dig through my journal to find that. I'll keep an eye on this and post about it's usage a bit for the next couple days.

Working tonight. Nothing really doing until then.
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