June 18th, 2003


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Yet another party with even more drinking went on tonight. I really love hanging out with friends, though. I really couldn't ask for less. There are also many interesting new people there too. The best conversation tonight was about people yelling "Mortal Kombat" during sex.

This entire week, I am working the morning shift until 5 pm and then I'm also working next sunday. At least I am getting a lot of hours.
Speaking of work, today, a really cute girl came in and seemed to be flirting with me, but I am unable to make any productive move towards that because I feel really strange about doing that at work. Am I stupid or a pussy for not doing anything about that at work? I have a hard enough time dealing with that sort of thing in my normal social life. How am I suppose to hook that shit up while I'm worried about my job? I know that flirting with coworkers is bad, but is flirting with customers bad too? It does feel a little creeping, considering where I work and all, but maybe I'm overreacting about this.

I'm really only mentioning anything at all because I've had a couple drinks. Otherwise, I doubt I would say anything.
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