June 10th, 2003


it's about me!

I'm back. the trip was long. I met lots of family members that I had never met before. I was often bored. I read fight club on the plane. I left my copy of scan on the plane while flying out there (fuck fuck fuck. I need to buy another copy before I will never be able to buy it again). Also, on the plane, they showed the movie 'how to lose a guy in 10 days' but plane movies are edited for content so instead of saying shit, they said spit and I was amused.

I missed seattle alot. I'm tired and I'm slowly catching up which things right now (600 emails, 590 of which were spam, thank god for spam filters. too bad mine didn't work all that well). tonight there is fun things to do like dante's.

I will make a longer post about the trip sometime soon. There are some interesting things to talk about.
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