June 4th, 2003


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I'm listening the Evanescence album right now and I can't really make up my mind about something.
Poll #142083 Evanescance

Do you think that the lead singer of Evanescance sounds annoying and whinny?

Absolutely. I can't stand to listen to them.
No way, she has a pretty voice.
I'm really wishywashy on this. Sometimes on some songs, she sounds ok and then there is other times when I'm not so sure.
Who the fuck is Evanescance?

The past two days have been really slow at work. Just not any customers are coming in right now. I blame the weather. It's been much too nice out for people to come and shop. This shit isn't good for my paycheck at all.

Skipped out on the Four Tet show tonight. Was feeling tired and poor so I figured I should just stay home. Now I really need to do something useful or interesting cause I'm getting bored here.
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    Evanescence - Haunted