May 25th, 2003


I still need to finish getting things set up and working

Friendster is pretty neat, but I'm not one to go out seeking dates from girls so I don't see how it will beneft me in the end. I still have fun playing with it, though.

A quick review of the day: Woke up later then I wanted to so I didn't get as much done as I would have liked. ork was much slower then I hoped it would be, but I'm not all that surprised because it's the holiday weekend and many people have gone on trips to far off places. I went to nick's after work and watched most of a very strange movie that I didn't even know the name to. It was about testicles and the subtitles went by too quickly for me to clearly read. After the movie, most people that were there left but nick, brenna and i sat around drinking and chatting up about fun things.

Movies tomorrow at the film festival. Are people meeting before them for lunch or not? I haven't heard any plans except for people talking about how they would like to meet up.

Now, it seems that most of the journals on lj are being too boring, so I will try and make this post worth your time now.

hmm, ah fuck it. screw all you guys.
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