May 22nd, 2003


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Crazy good night tonight. Karaoke worked out wonderfully and not only did I get to see some friends, but I got to make some new friends too.
Jesus, what a crazy night.

Tomorrow, there are things that I really need to get done with before I have to work, which is at 5pm at Issaquah. Laundry is a major one here. If I don't do at least some laundry, I will be wearing dirty clothes to work. Ain't that classy? I'm sure that will help convince people to buy sex toys from me.
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Oh rad, on KEXP right now, there is a band doing a cover of flim. Of any song aphex twin song that I hear covered, this one seems to be the most common.

Work is happening in a little bit, and food should happen a little bit before that. Maybe I should head out to the ave for a food solution.
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