May 15th, 2003


(no subject)

Tonight there was TWO PARTIES. Yea, two. Amber's was first and it was good fun. After that, there was Adam's at the vogue. that was fun as well. if I really wanted to say more, I would. now for the important stuff. Tomorrow at 10:10 pm, I will see matrix reloaded. so don't worry, I'm not fair behind you. also, tomorrow I work at the aurora store until 5. come up and visit me if you'd like, although I know nobody will except a couple customers that don't read this journal. and another thing, I wish I was more chrismatic and had interesting things to say. but I don't, and no one will really read this so I shouldn't worry about it. but if I posted a picture with this journal entry, then people would read it. hmm, how about a random picture that has no point at all.

one of these days, I'll get my server up and running again and then I'll have something interesting to say again.
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