May 3rd, 2003


He cries laser tears

Tonight, I went and saw X-men 2. I was feeling rather saucy and made some jokes before and during the movie that Ashley noted quite well in her journal. As a side note, I looked up saucy to make sure that I had correct usage. I worry about these things.

X-men was good. I enjoyed it. It leaves lots of fun and interesting possiblities for where they will go with the storyline in X-men 3 (and you know that there will be an x-men 3). Collapse ) But as much as I try to be an X-men nerd here, I really don't know that much and never read the comics all that much so I'm mostly talking out my ass or referencing the cartoon anyways.

Oh, while I am in this lovely nerd mode, I should mention that I beat Golden Sun: The Lost Age today. I'm out of video games for my gameboy advance again.

holy shit. it's 4 am already. bedtime, i guess.
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