April 18th, 2003

Black Mage Dance

(no subject)

I've noticed that I've been posting less and less. I have been trying to filter out something, but I'm not really sure what. Nothing is really new here so maybe it's just I have nothing to say. Work has been the same as always. I'm tired and ready for a day off, but that won't come until sunday.

I bought Final Fantasy Origins for my playstation, but this required me to get a tv and hook up my playstation so I did that yesterday. This game this awesome, btw. It's actually the orginal Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy II from japan. Except, they have been retranslated and the graphics have been updated a bit. The whole thing is very cool. This is the best release of the old games that Square has done yet.

So basically, I've been filling my time with either work, final fantasy, or golden sun. I am so exciting.