March 29th, 2003


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I want to mention a couple things before sleeping. After work today, since I was in Issaquah already, I stopped by my parent's house to get some mail. I found a letter for jury duty there. I'm scheduled to be there on April 21st at 8:00 am. Bleh. When mentioning this to friends at the bar tonight, everyone advised me to do whatever I could to get out of it. I would love to, but I'm not going to go commit purgery either. We will just have to see how this thing works out. Civic duty calls, I guess.

There was these plans to go to earl's tonight, but it seems that by the time that I could get out to seattle, everyone had decided to move to dante's instead. I didn't drink that much and was commited to being responsible about the whole situation, even though mike was really drunk and egging me on to have shots.
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