March 24th, 2003


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So a week or so ago, I went to the post office and got myself a post office box. I really like it and everything because then I don't have to worry about not getting important mail whenever it happens to come. Unfortunately, the only important mail I ever seem to get is bills and packages if i order something off the internet. What I would really really love would be if I got real, honest to god, actual mail in the post office box. Then I would really feel that my $35 were spent for a good cause. So I was thinking I would ask a favor of the many random (and not so random) people out there that happen to read this journal. I would totally love you forever if people would mail things to my post office box. Here is the address, please address bombs, anthrax, and love letters to here:

Patrick McFadden
PO Box 85402
Seattle, WA 98145-1402

If you want me to mail you back, let me know.

Tonight, Danny and I were trying to mod my gameboy advance, but we realized about halfway through the process that I was missing a part that we needed. So we ended up going to their website and ordering replacement parts instead. Once the parts arrive in my post office box (see how I mail order things just so that I get mail?), we will do a take two of this little nerd session we had. We also had dinner at the Rock Bottom in bellevue, which was really good. I liked the beer we had there a lot as well.

When I got home after that, Melissa and Ashley started hanging out with me in my room. Melissa was pretending to be me really drunk, which was amusing.

So apparently, the Oscars happened tonight. Bowling for Columbine won best documentary and Michael had an awesome speech. I highly recommend watching the video there too. It's his interview with the reporters there and he is so on point here with what he says. The other awesome thing is that spirited away won best animated feature. I was really worried when they first made that catergory last year (or was it the year before last year) but this year, that film got nominated and it really gave me hope that good animated films would actually get noticed. I kinda wish I had remembered that the oscars were on tonight because then I might have actually made the effort to watch them.

Going to bed now. I have monday off from work and I am very happy about this. Things I am thinking about doing include having breakfast somewhere, moving a desk into my room, drinking at dante's, plus many other fun adventures!
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