February 26th, 2003


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I wrote a nice little post and then lost it!
Basically, it was me complaining that I'm still sick.
I'd like to be able to breathe without hacking up phlegm. That would be cool.
I'd like to be able to live in seattle again.
I'd like to be able to live without pumping myself full of drugs.
I'd like to be able to hang out with friends again.

blah blah blah.

it's time for bed. I don't want to rewrite all the crap again.
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Yea, so today. I've actually been feeling almost ok. I still can't really talk and have been coughing up phlegm about every hour, but I haven't needed that many pain killers and the other meds with down without issue. I'm really hoping that I start to beat this thing soon. Maybe by this weekend, I will actually be able to rejoin the world. wouldn't that be nice. The dream would be if I could start living my life again by March, so the weekend would be good timing for that.

It's really uplifting to actually be feeling so much better now. I no longer have the fever and haven't had it for several days and my voice seems to be coming back and I am eating food without suffering too much and everything! yay.

So my biggest worry now is once I do get my life back in order, being able to afford getting my life on. I mean, I haven't been working this whole past week and so that paycheck isn't going to be the biggest in the work. Budget might be a little tight for the next couple weeks still. I'd hate to have to borrow money from the parents. We will just have to see how these things work out, I guess.

I'll be heading up to bed pretty soon here. Getting lots of rest has been helping me lots, too.
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