January 21st, 2003


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Yesterday, I got jacked. So you may remember me mentioning on sunday about how I was suckered into working on monday, which was suppose to be my day off. Well, I was only suppose to work from 11 to 4 and then someone was suppose to come in and take over the shift so I could go have fun on at least half of the day. Well, 4 o'clock rolled by yesterday and no one ever came into the store so i was forced to stay at work all day. This has made me angry at the manager who was suppose to get someone in to work the evening. She told me she would and then when I was trying to call her on monday, she never answered her cell phone and never called me back. You know, if she had called me up and told me straight up that no one was able to come in, then I might not be as mad about this. But she abused my trust. She abused my kindness in taking the day at all. This makes me mad.

Once I did get off work, though, the evening got better. At least I still had that.

Another day spent at the Aurora store today. Another full day from 11 to 9. The internet is distracting so I need to stop using it now and finish getting ready for work.
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