January 10th, 2003


Sonata for the Unaware

This is worth passing on a link here. bostonsteamer linked it before me.

Sonata for the Unaware is a song created by three cameras that recorded people walking around in Philadelphia. They used a body and movement tracking program to detect where people were in the camera and then had a program create a song from the locations of these people in the screen. The result is beautiful and worth a listen to. The people that created this have a really cool website, too. Worth checking it all out.

Brenna, Quentin, Cara, Kristen and I went and saw Two Towers tonight at the Cinerama. I enjoyed the movie even more the second time watching it. Peter Jackson is doing good, I believe.

I mentioned it before, but did you actually go and watch the trailer for Kill Bill yet? You really need to. It's got ninjas in it and I know how much you love ninjas.


Oh, one more thing. Here is a picture gallery of my new home. Pictures had been sitting in my digital camera for a bit so I just threw them up on the internet for you.

Ok, now bedtime for real.
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    Sonata for the Unaware