October 31st, 2002


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The night was filled with fun times and happy moments. [Pictures] Threw on my costume and drove to Ashley's parent's house for a little party, which was actually pretty big. A bunch of people all came over and watched Nosferatu on a big screen with a live organist playing accompany to it. Quite the neat experience, I must say. There was much hanging out with friends to be had as well and life was good.

Me and Ashley got a tour of sgnp's house, too. I drove him home and I got to see the home base for the genius behind sgnpcomix, one of the best web comics of all time.

When I got home, I saw the truck my parent's bought that I'll get to drive. [Pictures] Woot.

Jam Master Jay getting killed is a bummer, though.

In closing, Something Positive is funny.
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Trick or treaters will get here any minute now...

I'm stationed at home for Trick or Treat duty again this year. No one has come here yet, but I can hear people outside walking around. Work was decently busy today. Not much free time to do any writing or anything. Not a big deal, though.

I'm looking for my spirit gum so that I can do a different halloween costume tonight. I have these horns I really wanted to wear. But I can't seem to find the goddamn spirit gum at all. I wonder if I can find a decent replacement maybe...