September 19th, 2002


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More episodes of 24 watched tonight. 2 discs down, 4 to go. That show is great. I don't really want to say too much about it yet, though. I'll wait until I finish the season.

After watching the show at Erik's, I went to the mix with Cara and her roommate. Then I went to the Temple and played pool with Chad and Brenna. We played cutthroat many times and almost every single time Brenna eliminated me. Damn.

Two shows this weekend that I'm hitting up:
  • Atmosphere/Murs - Friday at 10 at the I-Spy. (all ages show at 6)
  • Themselves - Saturday at 10 at the I-Spy
    Then some other shows that are coming up:
  • El-P and RJD2 - Monday the 30th at 8 at the I-Spy (all ages / bar w/ id)
  • Mr. Show in "Hooray for America!" - Friday, October 11th at 7:30 at the Moore Theater.
  • Rasputina with Saeta - Friday, October 18th at 8 at the Paradox
  • Amon Tobin plus Prefuse 73 - Friday, October 25th at 9 at the I-Spy
  • Jets to Brazil - Saturday, November 2nd at 9 at the Graceland (All ages show at 5)
  • Legendary Pink Dots plus Origami Galaktika - November 18th at 8 at the Graceland

    Color me excited. I'm a bit annoyed because also this weekend, at the same time as Atmosphere, Q & not U is playing at the Paradox. I want to see them live too. Also this weekend, Donnie Darko is playing at the Egyptian for the midnight movie. I won't be able to make it because of the shows, but I'll wish I was there too.

    While I'm listing off things and mentioning various upcoming events, my birthday is coming up in under a month! Being the internet cam whore I know I was born to be, I feel that it is my responsibility to point you all at my amazon wish list. Damn, don't I feel dirty now.
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    More 24 watched tonight. I'm glad I'm watching it like this because I have to see this show in it's entirety and if I was watching it once a week I wouldn't be able to keep up. So I'm content with this watching schedule. Now we have two days off from watching the show so that we can go to the two concerts this weekend. I'm still working in the mornings, though. Tomorrow, I have to be there at 9. The next day, it's at 10. The day after that, I'm there at Noon. But at least I get monday off.

    The fan on my computer is starting to get loud. I'm thinking I'll need to replace it or something.
    I should eat some dinner now. Go to bed not long after that.
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