September 11th, 2002


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A day spent with Ashley. If you can read her account of the day, it's quite amusing. Basically, we drove around for a bit and hung out with Melissa for a good long while. We all watched a bunch of the state and earlier today, we watched Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Since I'm housesitting for my sister, I offered Ashley a place to stay for the night. Once we got here, I watched Crazy/Beautiful. Ashley watched part of it, but it either wasn't good enough or bad enough to watch the whole thing. I enjoyed it, though. It was cute.

I'm pretty drink tonight, actually. I feel it getting worse by the minute. I should just fall asleep now, I guess.

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then. now.

Woke up early this morning. A slight headache and kittens that were crying for attention were the things that pushed me out of bed. So I figured I might as well get dressed and get some breakfast or something.

I need some coffee. I have a fucking headache.
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